Vote NO! on Barr

Action Fax To My U.S. Senators:

As your constituent, I strongly demand you oppose William Barr’s confirmation as Attorney General.

William Barr has a troubling past considering he oversaw the U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI while they suspended the Constitution and summarily executed American citizens at Ruby Ridge in 1992.

During his confirmation hearing, Barr pledged to make controversial and unconstitutional gun registration and confiscation schemes a top priority as Attorney General.

These gun control schemes will do nothing to make Americans safer and could lead to more extrajudicial killings of American gun owners.

It’s vital you stand up for due process, the Second Amendment, and American gun owners and vote “NO!” on William Barr’s confirmation as Attorney General.

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The Gun Control Lobby clearly sees William Barr’s confirmation battle as a proxy for the fight over “Red Flag” Gun Seizures – and maybe more.

Considering Barr’s troubling views on gun confiscation and registration and his past history overseeing the execution of American citizens at Ruby Ridge, I believe there’s more than enough reason for U.S. Senators to vote NO on Barr!

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For Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul
Chairman, Campaign for Liberty