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Say NO to mandatory vaccination schemes, including the Vaccine Passport!

Petition to my U.S. Representatives and Senators: You must REJECT any attempt by governments, Big Pharma, commercial airlines and other corporate fascists to mandate the use of a “Vaccine Passport.”


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Petition to Congress

Whereas: The U.S. Constitution protects the right of every American to move freely, conduct business and access services throughout these United States, free from a search of their medical records or any other sensitive data; and
Whereas: Vaccines have caused many individuals to sustain life altering injuries, including vaccines that were promoted by the federal government during the swine flu outbreak in 1974; and
Whereas: Requiring a vaccine to travel or conduct business in the U.S. would create a system where “Big Pharma” colludes with other major corporations and industries like commercial air to dictate to the American public which of their products are now mandatory to take into our bodies, further eroding health freedom in the United States; and
Whereas: There are already countless reports of serious adverse health effects of those who have taken the COVID vaccines, which are still only approved for “emergency use,” and not fully approved
Therefore: I demand you:
>> Stop any attempt at instituting a vaccine passport scheme from being implemented by governments and their corporate cronies!