Demand YOUR Representative and Senators in Congress Stop the IRS’ Massive Biometric Data Blitz!

The IRS’ new scheme to capture all of your sensitive personal information through is a massive invasion of our privacy and a serious security hazard.

TELL CONGRESS NOW: Stop the IRS’ Massive Biometric Data Blitz!

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Stop the IRS’ Massive Biometric Data Blitz!

Directive to my U.S. Representative and Senators

Whereas: The IRS is preparing to require all online filers to submit extensive private personal information to a private company as a condition of filing tax returns; and
Whereas: This intrusive and unnecessary information includes a facial recognition selfie, scans of your ID, copies of bills, social security number, credit history, and details about mobile phone service; and
Whereas: This private company’s terms require you allow them to share your private information with law enforcement and any private entity they choose;
Therefore: I call upon you to STOP the IRS from requiring this information and pass legislation to protect the privacy and security of American taxpayers.