Statists in Washington want to GUT states’ rights to administer elections and allow for extended voting of up to FIVE DAYS AFTER THE ELECTION in specific districts or states if a court agrees to the request of a candidate for president!

That request doesn’t even have to be made until 24 hours after the election is over! Talk about changing the rules in the middle of a game . . . in a close election, allowing one or more states to keep the polls open for 5 days could entirely flip the outcome of the election!

Take just one moment to tell Senate Republicans to STOP this latest assault on the right of the American people and their states to choose their president! And then, be sure to spread the word, and if possible, support Campaign for Liberty’s work with a contribution.

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Directive to Senate Republicans:

Vote NO on HR 8873!

Senate Republicans:

Americans deserve a federal election process in which they can place their full faith and trust without reservation; H.R. 8873 does not serve that end.

This legislation would allow for extended voting of up to five days in specific districts or states, creating an unlevel playing field that could ultimately hold polls open in key areas long enough to flip the election. This would utterly dismantle any remaining faith in the integrity of American elections.

There are provisions of this bill that are possibly or even likely unconstitutional and clear violations of federalism, such as creating a federal right of action to sue states and state officials for violations of their own laws. Lest we forget, we are a union of states, and we further empower the federal leviathan at our own peril.

Congress’ job is to count the electoral votes and nothing more.

Therefore, I demand you vote NO on H.R. 8873 and oppose any attempt to incorporate it into other existing legislation.


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