Tell Congress: Protect Cryptocurrency and Oppose Any Digital FED Currency Scheme

The Biden adminstration directed the Federal Reserve to accelerate plans to create a new “digital” version of the dollar (“Federal Reserve Note”) that would endanger the privacy and security of American money.

Tell Your U.S. Congressman and Senators: OPPOSE any scheme to create a digital FED currency and protect competing cryptocurrencies!

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Whereas: The U.S. government has used every means at its disposal to unlawfully spy upon and manipulate the American people as a whole; and
Whereas: Any “digital currency” issued by the Federal Reserve invariably poses massive security and privacy hazards for the American people that use it, and pushes us farther down the road toward a cashless society where we have no real control over our own money at all; and
Whereas: The weaponization of the financial system against “enemies of the state” has exploded around the world in just the past year. A digital currency would create a new tool for the government to crack down on the First Amendment right to dissent from federal assaults on our constitutional freedom; and
Whereas: Competing cryptocurrencies are a critical check on the Federal Reserve monopoly on fiat money;
Therefore: We demand Congress OPPOSE any effort by the Federal Reserve to create a new digital FED currency or to regulate cryptocurrency.