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Directive to My Congressman:

No More So-Called “Aid” for Ukraine!!

Whereas: America’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine has had zero benefit to the American people, and immense costs in money and lives. The war has weakened our country, brought death and suffering to the Ukrainian people, and caused instability all over the world; and

Whereas: American so-called “aid” to Ukraine has only served to prolong the war and devastation; and

Whereas: The U.S. National Debt just crossed the $31 TRILLION mark, and we cannot afford to send billions of dollars more overseas; and

Whereas: Continued interference and saber rattling in this conflict risks a hot war with a nuclear power that could lead to the death and destruction of millions – if not billions – of innocent people around the world;

Therefore: I call on you to OPPOSE any further aid to Ukraine, and instead serve your constituents, the people of the United States.


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