The Undetectable Firearms Act never stopped any undetectable firearms, but the Biden regime wants to use it to ban common firearms.

Tell Congress to let it expire on March 8, 2024.

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Whereas: The UFA was always intended to deprive people of their gun rights, beginning as an attempt to ban the misunderstood part-polymer Glock; and

Whereas: Even to this day, the UFA stifles manufacturers from producing smaller, lighter, and higher-performing handguns because they must meet the UFA’s weight requirement; and

Whereas: The anti-gun fanatics running Biden’s ATF may “re-interpret” the law to apply to guns that are only partially made of plastic, weaponizing it against the majority of all commonly owned firearms today;

Therefore: I demand you oppose renewing the Undetectable Firearms Act and let it expire on March 8.


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