• Vaccine passport schemes are being rolled out by corporations, countries, and even U.S. States.

    Forcing people to produce their private medical information in order to access public accommodations, travel, and transact is a dangerous threat to our free society.

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    Do you OPPOSE any corporation, local government or bureaucracy banning you from accessing services, traveling, or doing business if you refuse to take an experimental vaccination?
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    Do you oppose any plan coming from D.C., or a state or local authority, that will create a national vaccine database which would be necessary to the implementation of a vaccine passport scheme?
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    Some major public universities are openly considering requiring the experimental COVID jab as a prerequisite for their students to return to classes in the Fall.

    Do you oppose a vaccine passport requirement in order to attend school?
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    With vaccine demand falling all across the country and less than half of Americans getting the COVID jab, the threat of a vaccine passport is being used to coerce more people into getting the jab.

    Many people cannot get this vaccination or take other medications and treatments because of medical, religious, or other reasons, meaning a vaccine passport would create two classes of citizens.

    Do you oppose all efforts to restrict anyone's ability to participate in society based on which substances we are willing or able take into our bodies?

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