Demand YOUR Representative and Senators in Congress Stop the “Patriot Purge!”

The Biden administration is already compiling lists of federal workers that cite religious objections to refuse vaccine mandates.

It’s not just an attack on our constitutional rights: It’s an effort to purge the federal workforce of anybody that might oppose the Biden regime’s orders.

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Stop the Purge!

Directive to my U.S. Representative and Senators

Whereas: The Biden administration is already compiling lists of federal employees that object to taking the experimental COVID-19 vaccines for religious reasons – and they will start to collect the “personal religious information” of these conscientious objectors; and
Whereas: This is the start of a whole-of-government push to assemble databases of Americans who object to bending to the will of authoritarian government dictates; and
Whereas: This is a transparently unconstitutional “religious test” being imposed upon the federal workforce for the obvious purpose of marking lawful dissenters to be purged from the federal workforce;
Therefore: I call upon you investigate, hold hearings, and prohibit the Biden administration from collecting personal religious information on federal employees and taking any adversarial action against those who, for any personal reason, refuse to take an experimental vaccine or any other drug.