The next phase of the so-called “Great Reset” scheme has arrived.
It’s playing out in real time right now in the Netherlands where Dutch farmers are protesting the demands of their government that they cull their livestock – in some cases 90% of their herds – and reduce so-called “greenhouse gases” to such an extreme extent that many of them will lose their farms and be forced into bankruptcy.
With the Netherlands being one of the top food exporters in the world, this barbaric scheme will cause further famine in nations already reeling from economic crises and the effects of the Covid lockdowns.
Here in America, through executive orders and bureaucratic rules, farmers are already getting pinched, and unless Americans do something to stop it, the plight of the Dutch farmers WILL be repeated here at home.
Help Campaign for Liberty contact up to 10 million Americans to turn up the heat on members of Congress to say “NO!” to the elitists’ scheme to RESET THE FOOD SUPPLY!
I AGREE! I am urging my U.S. Representative and Senators to say “NO!” to every piece of the so-called “Great Reset” at every opportunity and STOP the Biden regime from implementing its provisions by unconstitutional Executive Orders and bureaucratic rule-making.

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Stop The Great Reset!

Petition to my U.S. Representative and Senators

Whereas: Freedom, not tyranny, is the greatest driver of innovation and is easily capable of eradicating world hunger; and
Whereas: The “Great Reset” agenda always leaves poverty, starvation, and suffering in its wake, and ultimately creates the environment destruction it pretends to oppose; and
Whereas: Staying true to their mantra of “never let a good crisis go to waste,” the Big Government elites are now hoping to go one step further and use global crises of their own making as a way to trample the U.S. Constitution and usher in the elitists’ entire authoritarian agenda; and
Whereas: Congress, which can be held accountable more than any other branch of government, has the exclusive power to make law, and bureaucratic rule-making is an often-unlawful usurpation of Congress’s duty;
Therefore: I urge you to say “NO!” to the so-called “Great Reset” at every opportunity and rein in the Biden regime from its attempts to implement it unilaterally.