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I AGREE! The Washington, D.C. “Swamp” political industrial complex is about to loot more of Americans’ wealth under the guise of so-called “rescue” from the coronavirus chaos!

. . . Speaker Pelosi’s husband, a slew of companies owned by governors of states who ORDERED you and me under lockdown, gun-control groups — we know exactly who’ll get your hard-earned tax dollars if Congress’ last CORONA-Y-ISM spending monstrosity is an indication

We must stop Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader McConnell and the rest of their Big Government political ilk from plundering any more American wealth for their cronies!

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Whereas: BOTH parties’ irresponsible spending at every level of government have driven the National Debt to a record of now over $26 TRILLION — $3 TRILLION of it since April. For perspective — the entire annual federal budget is “ONLY” $4 trillion; and
Whereas: The last thing reckless state governments like those in Minnesota, Illinois, California, and New York deserve is a “Blue State Bailout” to reward their irresponsibility; and
Whereas: Ordinary Americans are fed up with politicians using any crises to enrich themselves and their political cronies; and
Whereas: No crisis — real or imagined — gives you the right to trample our liberties and loot the pockets of hard-working Americans like me.
Therefore: I insist you:

>> Oppose any and all so-called “coronavirus rescue” and “stimulus” proposals before Congress!