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I AGREE! The latest $1.9 Trillion “stimulus” plan is just another long term disaster in the making

Instead of focusing on bailing out big government for destroying their own economies, we need to let people get back to their lives.

The Biden Boondoggle is a slap in the face to hard-working Americans who’ve had their businesses and jobs severely damaged

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Stop The Biden Boondoggle!

Directive to my U.S. Representatives and Senators

Whereas: The handling of the coronavirus outbreak has turned into a nearly $5 Trillion scam on the American public in less than one year; and
Whereas: The effect of constant bailouts with no plan to pay for the debt incurred, will be massive inflation, a weak currency, and a weary public who is being conditioned to accept a series of stipend payments instead of the opportunity to prosper through their own hard work and ingenuity; and
Whereas: The economy, as proven by the 2008 bailouts and TARP, does not recover faster with government intervention; and
Whereas: Bailouts will only further incentivize tyrannical governors, mayors, and health bureaucrats to clamp down on small businesses, keep the illusion of a national emergency going for longer than necessary, and give people perverse incentives not to go back to work;
Therefore: I demand you vote against any more bailouts, including the Biden Boondoggle of $1.9 Trillion!