Disguised as a bill against Tiktok, the RESTRICT Act would silence free speech by allowing the government to criminalize any speech they deem to serve a foreign interest.

This would allow the Biden administration to control speech on the Internet, with the threat of you being prosecuted with a 20-year federal felony and up to a million dollar fine.

Now, Washington politicians are planning to roll the RESTRICT Act into the National Defense Authorization Act.

DEMAND your U.S. Senators OPPOSE this Trojan horse of tyranny.

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Petition to my U.S. Senators

Whereas: The RESTRICT Act would eviscerate the First Amendment by criminalizing any speech the government deems to be a national security risk – which it has repeatedly shown it will use against law-abiding American citizens who express dissent; and

Whereas: Making free speech a 20-year federal felony will not just chill, but FREEZE free speech on the Internet; and

Whereas: The RESTRICT Act is disguised as a “TikTok ban” to deceive the public into accepting the most intrusive and tyrannical assault on free speech ever conceived in America;

Therefore: I DEMAND you vote NO on the RESTRICT Act and OPPOSE it being rolled into the National Defense Authorization Act.