STOP H.R. 6666


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I AGREE! We must spring into action, if not it won’t be long until government agents are at our door demanding entry to “conduct testing,” “contact tracing” . . . and worse!

Authoritarians in BOTH parties at every level of government have proven they’ll do anything to seize more power and control over you and me!

This madness has to stop!

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Whereas: H.R. 6666 creates a Stasi-style police force with power to enter your home to “conduct testing,” “contact tracing,” and “related activities,” for “other purposes” to separate those who test positive (or refuse to comply) from loved ones; and
Whereas: The same folks pushing H.R. 6666 tell us we must listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci and his pal Bill Gates who’ve made clear they want forced medical intervention and citizens required to carry “IMMUNITY CARDS” in order to work or travel ; and
Whereas: H.R. 6666 would be a $100 billion a year boondoggle.
Therefore: I insist you reject the path authoritarian bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci and power-hungry billionaire Bill Gates have plotted for America, and oppose all schemes like H.R. 6666!