Petition to the Trump Administration

Whereas: The unchecked growth of government over the past few decades has resulted in thousands upon thousands of “Deep State” Washington, D.C. bureaucrats who believe they should be the ones in charge;” and
Whereas: Recent revelations have made it clearer than ever that drastic action must be taken in Washington, D.C.; and
Whereas: Federal employees have been exposed using government resources and time to target private citizens for harassment; and
Whereas: Deep State leakers feed negative stories to the press in an effort to thwart the agenda of the current administration; and
Whereas: Others openly bragged about ways they blatantly violate the Hatch Act, which is intended to prevent bureaucrats from engaging in forms of partisan political activity; and
Therefore: The Trump Administration should begin taking concrete steps to rein in the federal bureaucracy through hiring freezes, budget cuts, and more. The administration should also launch investigations into possible violations of the Hatch Act by federal bureaucrats and enact policies and procedures to ensure vigorous oversight is in place to keep the Deep State in check.
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