Congressman Ron Paul

Member of Congress (TX-22 1976-1977, 1979-1985 and TX-14 1994-2013)

September 20, 2022
The Honorable **REP**
United States House of Representatives
**ADDRESS** Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Dear (Rep. Name),
          I am writing to you today on behalf of Campaign for Liberty supporters from all across the United States who oppose any and all attempts to exploit the Covid pandemic to diminish the civil liberties of Americans.
          As you probably know, on September 18, President Joe Biden repeatedly stated the the pandemic is “over.”
          Given that blunt declaration from the President of the United States, it is not tenable for the government to circumvent the ordinary law-making process in the name of an “emergency.”
          The pandemic was not only a devastating illness, but swept in the most radical deprivation of constitutional rights on the entire American people in our history.
          Now that the pandemic is “over,” Congress must immediately rescind all powers granted in the name of the “emergency.”
          Congress should act immediately to remove Emergency Use Authorizations, prohibit vaccine mandates, repeal the PREP Act, and terminate all presidential invocation of emergency powers cited to the Covid-19 pandemic.
          All of these policies subverted the normal, constitutional law-making, rule-making, and administrative procedures.
          I look forward to your swift and decisive action in this matter.
          In Liberty,
          Ron Paul
          Member of Congress
          1976-77, 1979-85, 1997-2013
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