House Speaker Mike Johnson wants to keep the warrantless mass surveillance under Section 702 of FISA on life support.

We’re done waiting for it to expire: it’s time to pull the plug and end warrantless mass surveillance for good.

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Whereas: The “intelligence” agencies’ massive surveillance powers have been used to unlawfully spy on Americans millions of times, not for fighting terrorism, but for targeting law-abiding Americans to manipulate the levers of power here at home; and

Whereas: These surveillance abuses prove that fighting terrorism is a transparent pretext for coordinated political abuse of the American people; and

Whereas: The root of Deep State power is massive government spying programs like those created by the FISA Section 702; and

Whereas: Nothing will halt our country’s slide toward authoritarianism unless the men and women we elect at the ballot box wrest power away from unelected, secretive Deep State rogues;

Therefore: I demand you stand up to the Deep State and strike at the heart of the Deep State’s power by voting to TERMINATE warrantless mass surveillance of Americans under FISA Section 702.


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