Say NO to Gun Control

The radical left’s socialist agenda is following the patterns of history by first taking aim at the right to gun ownership and even the ability to manufacture firearms!

I am demanding you — my U.S. Representative and Senators — say “NO!” to all Gun Control schemes today!

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Say NO to H.R. 127 and any other attempt to criminalize law abiding gun owners

Petition to my U.S. Representative and Senators

Whereas: H.R. 127 will launch a public national gun registry and create many new obstacles to lawfully obtaining a firearm; and
Whereas: H.R. 127 is a major weapon in the radical left’s arsenal that will usher in President Biden’s demand that Congress pass draconian new gun legislation as a top priority; and
Whereas: The destruction of the Second Amendment would be the first step in ramming through a socialist takeover of the United States; and
Whereas: H.R. 127 would put gun owners at risk from thugs and criminals as it requires the publishing of their address and the types of firearm(s) being stored at their home;
Therefore: I demand you say “NO!” to H.R. 127 and any other gun control bill.