“It Is a Fundamental Power Grab” –Joe Biden

The same Democrats who once railed against ending Senate filibuster are now demanding it – because now it’s stopping their agenda.

Demand YOUR U.S. Senators Defend the Filibuster!

The filibuster is the only bulwark, other than the Constitution itself, preventing radical legislation from passing when the same party controls Congress and the presidency.

The filibuster is the critical check on runaway federal power, and it’s never been more urgent we demand our senators commit to protecting it.

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Save the filibuster!

Directive to my U.S. Senators

Whereas: The Senate filibuster is a time-honored tradition that has protected the American people from radical, partisan legislation when either party has had a complete majority; and
Whereas: Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer has expressly stated that the intended purpose for destroying the filibuster is to pass partisan legislation on the invariably partisan issue of elections; and
Whereas: Eliminating the filibuster would permanently escalate partisan extremism, brinkmanship, and acrimony;
Therefore: I call upon you to defend the Senate filibuster and oppose any effort to weaken it.