Without your action today, I’m afraid we’re going to be in for an utter DISASTER.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

Will you please sign your “REPEAL IT NOW” petition to your U.S. Senators at once?

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For Liberty,

Ron Paul
Chairman, Campaign for Liberty


Petition to my United States Senators

Whereas: ObamaCare is wrecking our healthcare system and economy and bloating our federal budget as hospitals close their doors and physicians leave medicine; and
Whereas: Millions of Americans’ health insurance rates have skyrocketed and will likely continue soaring; and
Whereas: Striking the ObamaCare monstrosity from the books would free our healthcare system and American families from budget-busting insurance premiums; and
Whereas: Congress voted to repeal ObamaCare in 2015 using the budget reconciliation process – the same process Congress used to RAM ObamaCare into law in 2009; and
Therefore: I insist you cease and desist with your phony ObamaCare Replacement In Name Only scheme and instead bring a full ObamaCare repeal bill to the Senate floor at once.
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