REIN in Big Government Now!

For decades, out-of-control bureaucratic overlords have (UNCONSTITUTIONALLY) ruled virtually every aspect of American life by decree.

You and I have been almost powerless to do anything about it.

The good news is, if passed, the REINS Act could stop the power-hungry bureaucrats at the BATFE, EPA, ED, FDA, IRS, HHS — and those in virtually every other government agency — cold!

But REINS will not happen without a major grassroots effort.

I recently learned from a loyal friend and Capitol Hill insider that some members of the U.S. Senate are secretly working to water down — or even KILL — the REINS Act before it can even be voted on!

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

So please sign your PASS THE REINS ACT! petition below, and agree to your most generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, or even $10 or $25 TODAY!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul
Chairman, Campaign for Liberty


Petition to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Whereas: For decades, Big Government bureaucrats have abused their power, and instead “rule by decree” — bypassing Congress and shredding the U.S. Constitution; and
Whereas: The last administration alone issued nearly 21,000 new regulations, adding almost 80,000 new pages of rules per year; and
Whereas: Passing the REINS Act would stop out-of-control government agencies from imposing sweeping new regulations on American citizens without a Congressional vote; and
Whereas: This legislation has already passed the House and Senate Committee and will come down to just a handful of votes in the U.S. Senate;
Therefore: I urge you to quickly schedule a roll-call vote on the REINS Act, S. 21/H.R. 26 and fight to defeat any attempt to weaken or amend the bill.
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