I Agree! The health tyrants won’t quit, which means Congress must act immediately to DEMAND transparency on the origins of COVID.

There is already evidence that COVID-19 was created in a lab in China with funding directed by Dr. Fauci for dangerous “gain-of-function” research to make viruses more contagious.

It’s time the public knows the truth.

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Whereas: The U.S. Senate already passed the COVID-19 Origin Act UNANIMOUSLY with no objection; and
Emails released under FOIA requests prove Dr. Fauci was working with Big Tech oligarchs to parse out what was okay to say on their platforms and what should be censored, including the lab leak theory; and
Whereas: Congress is derelict in its duty to uncover the origins of COVID and provide Americans with full transparency; and
It’s clear taxpayer funding for dangerous “gain-of-function” research was directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci from the NIH to the Wuhan Lab;
Therefore: I DEMAND you move to provide transparency to the American public about the origins of COVID, including any and all taxpayer dollars directed toward “gain-of-function” research.
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