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I AGREE! The lockdowns were a sham and just a powergrab!

We cannot tolerate the political class “shutting down” our lives and liberties!

End the lockdowns and stop the threats of bringing them back!

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Directive to Governors

Whereas: The lockdowns of businesses, schools, and churches have proven to be extremely damaging to our economy, health, and well-being, with no evidence that they had a positive effect on public health; and
Whereas: According to the current United States Attorney General, the COVID-19 restrictions (created by state governors) have amounted to the greatest civil rights violations since slavery in America; and
Whereas: The original justification used by governors for the draconian lockdowns and mask mandates was non-binding guidance issued by a federal bureaucracy – the CDC – which does not have jurisdiction in our state to create public policy that affects our economy or the daily lives of our residents.
Therefore: I demand you immediately scrap the re-opening guidelines of the CDC and reopen our state completely with no further business shutdowns or mandates on the people based on their procedures.