Demand the Senate REFUSE TO RATIFY the WHO Treaty

Time is running out before the globalists pass the WHO Pandemic Treaty that would strip away your civil liberties.

The World Health Organization – who, mind you, got everything wrong when the Covid pandemic struck – is working to gain absolute power over global “biosecurity” – and the statists in the U.S. Senate just might help them . . . unless you take action to stop them now.

If you think the Covid tyranny was bad, just imagine what could happen with international authoritarian elitists (who aren’t accountable to U.S. citizens in any way) calling the shots. . .


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Petition to my U.S. Senators

Whereas: The World Health Organization (WHO) wants total authority over member nations whenever they declare a health emergency; and

Whereas: They want to dictate medical protocols, treatments, lockdowns, digital IDs, vaccine passports, and more; and

Whereas: Any member nation failing to bend the knee to the WHO’s dictates would be subject to massive fines and further enforcement mechanisms; and

Whereas: The WHO is not accountable to U.S. citizens and should NEVER be given the authority to rule over them in any way.

Therefore: I demand you stand up for American sovereignty and the natural rights of American citizens and REFUSE to ratify the forthcoming WHO Pandemic Treaty.