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I AGREE! H.R. 666(6) is an insidious power grab that would lead to “rolling lockdowns” of businesses and individual rights.

The Senate could move to pass it through deceptive tactics in a Coronavirus bailout bill!

I won’t tolerate the destruction of small businesses and civil liberties in any form or fashion!

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Say NO to H.R. 6666 in any form!

Directive to my Senators

Whereas: There is no authority in the U.S. Constitution for the government to make mandates regarding public health; and
Whereas: H.R. 6666 creates a Stasi-style police force with power to enter your home to “conduct testing,” “contact tracing,” and “related activities,” for “other purposes” to separate those who test positive (or refuse to comply) from loved ones; and
Whereas: H.R. 6666 creates a scheme where businesses can be “locked down” by the government, and individuals can be restricted from travel, or even leaving their homes, and thus denied to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and
Whereas: The World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted on two occasions in October 2020 that the lockdowns are causing more harm than good and even more death through poverty conditions across the world ; and
Whereas: No crisis — real or imagined gives you the right to trample our liberties and loot the pockets of hard-working Americans; like me.
Therefore: I insist you: >> Oppose any and all so-called “coronavirus-rescue” and “stimulus” proposals before Congress, especially if the bill contains H.R. 6666 contact tracing and tracking language!