I Agree! Making the experimental COVID vaccination mandatory for ANYONE should be prohibited!

The U.S. Military is proposing the jab be mandatory for all active duty servicemembers and National Guard troops in the Fall of 2021.

Congress needs to take action IMMEDIATELY by supporting H.B. 3860, which bans the military from making the shot mandatory for our Armed Forces.

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Whereas: There is no authority in the U.S. Constitution to make any mandates regarding public health, including which types of vaccines are required in order to work, travel, or access basic services; and
Vaccines have caused certain individuals to sustain life altering injuries, including vaccines that were promoted by the federal government during the swine flu outbreak in 1974; and
Whereas: Forced vaccination would create a system where “Big Pharma” companies are allowed to dictate to the American public which of their products are now mandatory to take into our bodies, further eroding health freedom in the United States; and
There are already countless reports of serious adverse health effects being experienced by some who have taken each of the experimental vaccines for COVID-19, all of which have skipped normally required testing for long-term safety and efficacy.
Therefore: I demand you Cosponsor, support, and vote for H.B. 3860 and any bills that will ban mandatory or forcefully administered COVID vaccinations!
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