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Say NO to mandatory COVID vaccinations for children!

Petition to my legislator: You must publicly REJECT any attempt to make the experimental and admittedly RISKY COVID vaccinations mandatory for children.


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Petition to my legislator

Whereas: There is no authority in the U.S. Constitution to make any mandates regarding public health, including which types of vaccines are required in order to work, attend school, enter businesses, or access basic services; and
Whereas: The experimental COVID vaccinations have documented risk to children, even by the manufacturers themselves, for various side effects, including a dangerous heart condition called myocarditis; and
Whereas: Vaccine makers are exempt from any liability should their vaccinations cause injury or death, which also applies to children; and
Whereas: Peer reviewed studies from around the world prove the COVID virus poses little risk to children, which has been known for nearly two years.
Therefore: I demand you:
>> Publicly oppose any and ALL COVID vaccination mandates for children!