No Debt Ceiling Hike

During the Obama administration, you couldn’t go 30 seconds without hearing a GOP Member of Congress complaining about out-of-control spending.

But now that they can do something about it, they’re REFUSING to lift a finger.

Instead, they’re trying to figure out how to use Washington, D.C.’s gravy train to enrich their own insider pals and favorite government agencies!

Will they stab us in the back like they did with ObamaCare repeal?

And if GOP leaders can’t or won’t KEEP THEIR PROMISES on basic boilerplate issues like ObamaCare repeal and spending cuts, can we believe anything they say?

Sign your NO DEBT CEILING INCREASE Petition now and tell Congress we are tired of their bad habits.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul
Campaign for Liberty


No Debt Ceiling Hike

Petition to My U.S. Representative and Senators

Whereas: Polls show that nearly 80% of the American people support a full audit of the Federal Reserve and President Trump has pledged to sign Audit the Fed; and
Whereas: U.S. federal debt stands at $19.9 TRILLION and is rapidly approaching $20 TRILLION; and
Whereas: Every man, woman and child in the U.S. is on the hook for over $61,000 — just to pay for past congresses’ spending; and
Whereas: For years, GOP members of Congress and candidates have complained about out-of-control spending in Washington, D.C.; and
Whereas: President Trump and the majorities in Congress were elected on the basis of these campaign promises; and
Whereas: Further broken promises to the grassroots will all but assure massive backlash in the 2018 elections;
Therefore: I urge you to VOTE NO on any debt ceiling increase, and instead cut federal spending.
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