• The Washington, D.C. “Swamp” is determined to "deal" more of Americans future away under the guise of a so-called “rescue” from the coronavirus chaos!

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  • QUESTION #1:

    Do you OPPOSE any so-called “deals” to pump taxpayer dollars into bailing out irresponsible state and local governments -- into places like California and Illinois that view taxpayers’ pockets as slush funds for special interests like union bosses?
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    Do you oppose the Washington, D.C. "Swamp’s" political self-dealing that has handed your hard-earned tax dollars to themselves and their family businesses in the last CORONA-Y-ISM spending monstrosity?
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    The politically-connected and their corporate pals have all reaped rewards from Congress' Federal Reserve-backed CORONA-Y-ISM spending. Meanwhile, middle-class Americans might get a few thousand dollars to keep quiet (many haven't and won't receive any). To top it all off, the folks on Main Street are forced to watch looters and rioters destroy their businesses and livelihoods.

    Do you oppose Big Government Overlords having power to decide who wins and who loses?
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    Do you oppose the false choice Big Government authoritarians are pushing on Americans -- namely that Americans must give up our liberty and hand government 24-hour windows into our lives (consider the cameras in your home and on your kids as teacher unions demand schools stay shut) and 100% compliance because of coronavirus?
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