For years now, politicians in BOTH parties have pursued the same misguided policies in their failed effort to control terrorism.

But a quick glance around the world today – from France to Britain to Syria and Iraq – show those efforts are falling flat on their faces.

Now, the U.S. Government is “partnering” with Saudi Arabia, even though they finance terrorist groups around the world. The State Department’s own press release stated the U.S. will provide “tanks, artillery, counter-mortar radars, armored personnel carriers, helicopters” to Saudi Arabia.

The good news is Senator Rand Paul has introduced legislation (S.J. Res. 42) to block this deal.

Stopping the latest deal to provide arms to Saudi Arabia is not just the first step in changing the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the U.S., but the first step in changing the foreign policy that drains our wallets and endangers our safety.

So please sign your “NO ARMS FOR TERRORISTS” petition below, and agree to your most generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, or even $10 or $25 TODAY!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul
Chairman, Campaign for Liberty


Petition to My U.S. Senators

Whereas: The government of Saudi Arabia not only has one of the worst human rights records on the planet, but has a history of supporting terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East and the world; and
Whereas: U.S. cooperation with Saudi Arabia contributes to the rise of terrorist groups like ISIS by destabilizing governments throughout the region and causing resentment of U.S. policy that makes individuals susceptible to terrorist recruitment; and
Whereas: According to the State Department’s own press release, this latest deal will include “tanks, artillery, counter-mortar radars, armored personnel carriers, helicopters”; and
Whereas: This deal benefits Saudi Arabia and the military-industrial complex at the expense of American taxpayers and endangers the safety of the American people; and
Whereas: Senator Rand Paul has introduced S.J. Res. 42, which blocks this deal; and
Whereas: The Senate has the constitutional right and responsibility to stop this deal;
Therefore: As your constituent I urge you to cosponsor S.J. Res. 42, support efforts to bring it to the Senate floor and vote for it.
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