Stop the state takeover of Michigan home and private school children


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Petition to my Michigan State Legislators

Whereas: Michigan families have enjoyed the freedoms and benefits of the least amount of bureaucratic meddling in homeschool and private school education since 1993, and
Whereas: The COVID lockdowns caused an increase of Michigan parents who chose to pull their children from public schools to seek a better option, and
Whereas: State revenue of nearly 14k per student is down as a result of an increase of homeschool and private school families in Michigan, and
Whereas: State legislators have attempted to introduce legislation creating home and private school bureaucracies designed to force families to return their children to public school;
Therefore: Be it resolved that we the undersigned are not fooled by the calls by some Michigan lawmakers “concerns” for the wellbeing of children. We demand the Michigan legislature respect the current law as it pertains to both home and private school families, and to defend parents’ rights to continue providing a customized education for their individual children’s needs without any meddling by a state government whose only concern is restoring the lost revenue of its own destructive failures.