Medical Freedom Survey – OCT 2020

Medical Freedom Survey


  • Medical Freedom is under complete assault during this government-manufactured Coronavirus Crisis. . .

    We must act now to stop this incredible tyranny against our personal autonomy, which will also be used to shut down businesses, so I want your thoughts on these mandates!

    Please rate your thoughts below.

    Thank you in advance for your participation.



    Do you OPPOSE any national and local government mandates that force the MASKING of our faces in order to access basic services, such as children being able to attend school?
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    Do you oppose any plan coming from D.C., or even a state or local authority, that will mandate taking a vaccine or even a so-called “biochip” in order to travel?
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    States such as New York have started rolling-lockdowns in “hot spots” where there is a cluster of positive tests for the coronavirus, even if the people testing positive are not actually sick.

    Do you oppose rolling-lockdowns, which threaten the ability for any business to operate long term in areas where this is enforced?
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    H.R. 666(6), contains requirements for tracing and tracking of people who MAY HAVE been exposed to someone who MAY HAVE had coronavirus.

    Congress is currently looking for ways to stash this unpopular bill with its alarming name in a financial stimulus bill, to guarantee that it will pass.

    Do you oppose H.R. 666(6) in any form and the efforts by Congress to conceal it in another bill?

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  • Almost Done!

    Thanks for sticking with and completing your survey.

    Your Campaign for Liberty has been on the front lines facing down all these freedom-destroying plans that were launched by the political class in D.C. and many state governors once this virus gave them the opportunity.

    Election years make it more challenging to fundraise for us, so our budget is stretched thin right now, but we’re carrying on and fighting as hard as ever!