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Petition in Support of the Kansas Gun Rights Preservation Act

Petition to my Kansas State Representative and Senator: You must REJECT any scheme to take away my 2nd Amendment rights!


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Petition to my Kansas State Legislators

Whereas: The Biden Administration wants to turn thousands of Kansas gun owners into felons for their ownership of pistol braces and other firearms accessories, and
Whereas: Whereas: The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States clearly says “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, and
Whereas: Kansans cannot let Biden’s BATFE destroy our 2nd Amendment rights, and
Whereas: The Kansas Gun Rights Preservation Act would prohibit Kansas taxpayer dollars from being used to help the BATFE enforce unconstitutional federal gun-grabbing rules, orders, and statutes against law-abiding Kansas gun owners, and
Whereas: The United States Supreme Court has consistently and recently upheld this “anti-commandeering” principle, which can be lawfully used to hamper unconstitutional federal gun-grabbing efforts.
Therefore: I demand:
my State Representative and State Senator actively support the Kansas Gun Rights Preservation Act.