It’s Time to Audit the Fed Petition 03.20

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Audit the Fed NOW!

Petition to my U.S. Representative

Whereas: Congress has the responsibility to force a public audit of the Federal Reserve, and the American people deserve to know what the Fed is doing with their money; and
Whereas: Allowing the Fed to remain out-of-control and shrouded in secrecy clearly allows for abuse and the continued bankrupting of our nation through inflation and unaccounted electronic bank “loans”; and
Whereas: The Federal Reserve System forces fuel, food, housing, medical care, and education costs upward, meaning that everyone who is NOT on the government dole is forced to make do with less as the value of money sinks; and
Whereas: History shows us that riots, violence, and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize fiat money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and REFUSE to accept it;
Therefore: I urge you to cosponsor U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie’s Audit the Fed Bill (H.R. 24), and do everything in your power to seek roll-call votes.

The Federal Reserve threatens the financial ruin of every man, woman, and child in America!

The good news is, my Audit the Fed Bill, introduced by U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie (H.R. 24) would finally lift the veil of secrecy covering up the Fed’s actions.

If passed, Audit the Fed would finally show the American people the Federal Reserve System leads to constant economic crises and the destruction of our currency and the middle class.

I believe by gathering enough cosponsors to force Congress to bring Audit the Fed up for a vote you and I can get this done.

But only with your action today!

Please act at once.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul
Chairman, Campaign for Liberty

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