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Support HB 1043 – the Indiana Legal Tender Act


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Petition to my Indiana State Legislators

Whereas: Congress created the Federal Reserve in 1913, and
Whereas: In the 110 years since its creation, the value of the dollar has fallen by over 96%, and
Whereas: Inflation is at the highest level in over 40 years, and
Whereas: Inflation destroys buying power for workers, forcing families to choose between essentials such as eating, buying medicine, and staying warm, and
Whereas: Cheap fiat currency has caused a huge federal debt and devastating boom and bust economic cycles, and
Whereas: This nation’s founders warned that paper money, such as our fiat currency, would divide the nation and destroy our morals, and
Whereas: Indiana’s Legal Tender Act would allow for competing currencies, protect Indiana citizens from the ill effects of Federal Reserve policy, and attract new investments and jobs to Indiana, among other benefits.
Therefore: I demand:
that my Indiana state legislators vote “YES” on HB 1043, the Indiana Legal Tender Act, at every opportunity.