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Stop the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Biden “Human Infrastructure” Disaster!

Congress must REJECT this bloated spending package, which is just the “Great Reset” and the “Green New Deal” in disguise.


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Whereas: The multi-trillion-dollar so-called “Build Back Better Act” is loaded with giveaways to the political class and is just a stealth attempt to get parts of “The Great Reset” and the “Green New Deal” rammed through Congress; and
Whereas: The proposed massive subsidies to services like child care, health care and higher education will only further increase the prices that Americans must pay just to afford the basics; and
Whereas: Americans are already facing rampant inflation due to the $5 Trillion in COVID relief spending, very little of which actually ended up coming back to them.
Therefore: I demand you:
>> Publicly oppose and commit to voting against the Biden “Build Back Better Act!”