End all lockdowns and health mandates and NEVER bring them back!

I agree! The historic abuses of power by governors across this country need to end in every state immediately.

Governors in this country are elected — not appointed. They should not have the power to shut down businesses, mandate masks, force vaccinations, or imprison citizens for going to church or letting their kids play in a public park!

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Petition to my Governor

Whereas: States have been continuously under draconian lockdowns and health mandates across this country since March of 2020; and
Whereas: There has not been a shred of evidence presented that these “measures” have created any positive outcomes, and that the opposite is likely true; and
Whereas: Current and future governors have seen the personal and political benefits of exercising these ultimate powers and will be tempted to use them again in the future; and
Whereas: There are state laws on the books were used to justify these destructive policies, which must be repealed.
Therefore: I DEMAND you end all remaining restrictions and health mandates and work to pass laws to prevent this government overreach from ever happening in the future.