Government-mandated vaccinations


  • Forced Vaccinations are being proposed by Congress and already pushed through in several states.

    Medical Freedom is in jeopardy and I want your thoughts on these mandates!

    Please rate your thoughts below.

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    Do you OPPOSE any government scheme to strip you of your right to travel by allowing airports to require a vaccine passport in order to fly?
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    Do you oppose any plan coming from D.C., or a state or local authority, that will create a vaccine database so they may begin requiring a coronavirus vaccine to have access to basic services?
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    Some states, including California, have begun eliminating personal, health, or religious exemptions to opt out of a vaccine in order to attend school.

    Do you oppose Big Government Overlords forcing your child to take vaccines with no exemptions in order to attend school?
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    The latest Coronavirus Bailout proposals include a scheme to send federal dollars to states for tracing and tracking of people who MAY HAVE been exposed to someone who MAY HAVE had coronavirus.

    This information could then be used to force vaccinations and quarantines on those who are suspected to have been exposed.

    Do you oppose the tracking and tracing programs funded by Congress that will allow local authorities to force you into isolation or taking a potentially unsafe vaccine?

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