The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have proven they aren’t protecting public health; now, they’re selling out your children to Big Pharma.

Tell Congress it’s time to DEFUND the CDC and shut it down.


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Directive to Congress:


END the CDC!

Whereas: The CDC has consistently made bad recommendations that failed to protect the American people from the Covid pandemic in any significant way; and

Whereas: The CDC has consistently peddled false information on the necessity of experimental vaccines, while deliberately hiding information from the public showing pervasive, dangerous side effects; and

Whereas: The CDC has now placed these dangerous, experimental shots on the Child Vaccine Schedule which will protect Big Pharma from liability, despite knowing these so-called vaccines do not prevent the spread of Covid, are unnecessary for children, and have dangerous and potentially permanent side effects; and

Whereas: The CDC isn’t protecting the American people from outbreaks; it’s pushing dangerous, tyrannical mandates that are creating new public health problems;

Therefore, I call upon you to shut down the CDC by opposing its funding.


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