Demand Congress STOP the Biden Regime’s Coming “Do Not Bank” List!

If Canada’s Trudeau Can Freeze Innocent People’s Bank Accounts, Joe Biden Can Too.

Tell Your U.S. Congressman and Senators: STOP the Biden Regime’s Coming “Do Not Bank” List!

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Whereas: Depriving any U.S. citizen of the ability to use the financial system and seizing their assets because of their politics is a brutal tactic of repression; and
Whereas: The intended effect of “de-banking” is not only to destroy dissident voices, but to silence their would-be supporters – in flagrant violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects the right to peaceful assembly; and
Whereas: Given the Biden Justice Department’s record, there is little to no doubt that they will use every means possible – including “de-banking” protesters and their supporters – to crush any protest and terrorize the American people;
Therefore: We demand Congress act NOW to protect the American people from any possible government repression of our speech via the threat of a “Do Not Bank” list.