The government’s demented Covid policies have devastated the American people in every way.

And nobody is being held accountable – even as their lies unravel.

Sign the petition below to DEMAND your representative and senators in Congress fully investigate the lies of Covid, from its origin to the disastrous public policies of Washington bureaucrats – and hold those responsible accountable.

Demand Covid Accountability NOW!

Petition to my U.S. Senators and Representative

Whereas: It’s becoming increasingly likely that the Covid outbreak was caused by reckless experiments conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, paid for in part by our tax dollars and directed by American public health officials; and
Whereas: Top officials like Deborah Birx admitted they lied to the public on the most profound policies. Birx, for example, said she knew all along that the vaccines were not going to protect against infection; and
Whereas: Hundreds of millions of Americans were harmed by Covid-related policies based on false statements by top public health officials; and
Whereas: It is a compelling duty of Congress to discover the true cause of a disease that killed millions of people and the false information that formed the basis of policies that oppressed the entire American population;
Therefore: I call upon you to fully investigate the lies of Covid-19, from its dubious origin to the false promises made about the vaccines, and hold those responsible accountable for their lies.
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