Defund the TSA!

Today the agency employs more than 50,000 personnel and wastes more than $7 billion annually on what amounts to nothing more than security theater.

And now, the TSA isn’t just groping hapless American passengers at their checkpoints: they’re using facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence to identify you and decide whether you’re too much of a “risk” to “allow” to travel.

Sign the petition below to DEMAND your Congressman Defund the TSA!

Defund the TSA!

Petition to my Representative in Congress

Whereas: Repeated internal testing of TSA’s screening procedures have shown the systems have up to a whopping 95 percent failure rate to detect weapons and explosives; and
Whereas: Since its inception the TSA has engaged in wholesale violation of Americans’ most basic bodily privacy, through intrusive technology and old-fashioned groping; and
Whereas: Without authorization, the TSA is now experimenting with facial recognition and artificial intelligence, developing profiles of American travelers without any warrant; and
Whereas: Congress has a responsibility to cut wasteful spending and the billions of dollars in security theater is a great place to start;
Therefore: I call upon you to DEFUND the Transportation Security Administration in future budget legislation.
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