Hold the FBI Accountable for Crimes Against America

The FBI is simply out of control.

As newly released reports reveal, the FBI abused the FISA Section 702 database to spy on Americans over 278,000 times in just over one year.

As congressional testimony revealed, the FBI systematically targeted law-abiding conservative dissidents at the expense of real law enforcement, and punished those who spoke out.

And as the Durham report has conclusively demonstrated, the FBI at its highest levels conspired to sabotage the 2016 election and cripple the Trump presidency by launching an improper investigation against Trump based on evidence fabricated by the Clinton campaign.

Now, Congress MUST hold the FBI accountable for their crimes. Sign the Petition to Congress to DEMAND they hold the FBI accountable.

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Whereas: Almost since its very inception, the FBI has abused its power to improperly influence and manipulate American politics and politicians; and

Whereas: Whistleblowers recently testified that the FBI ceased investigations into child sexual abuse to instead spy on law-abiding Americans protesting government misconduct; and

Whereas: The FBI now brazenly uses its power to investigate ordinary American citizens it views as “threats” – including concerned parents and conservative activists; and

Whereas: The FBI terrorizes Americans with SWAT raids for having done nothing more than peacefully protesting, a gross infringement on our First Amendment rights; and

Whereas: Politicians campaigned on pledges to rein in the out-of-control, politicized FBI;

Therefore: I demand you hold the FBI accountable for its crimes against America and defund them as is appropriate.


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