The marriage of “Big Tech” and Big Government threatens the very foundation of our Republic.

Internet Giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others are now wading deep into the business of censoring speech to carry out the bidding of government actors.

That’s why I’m counting on concerned men and women like you to TAKE a STAND and sign your Declaration of Internet Freedom right away!

We must act now to defend Internet Freedom before it’s too late.

For Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul
Chairman, Campaign for Liberty

Declaration of Internet Freedom

We, the Undersigned, are putting Big Gov and Big Tech on notice.

Whereas: The Internet is the single greatest catalyst in history for individual liberty and free markets; and
Whereas: Statists are ramping up efforts for the government to takeover the Internet by destroying privacy rights of individuals with government snooping and efforts to abolish anonymity; and
Whereas: Collusion between Big Government and Big Tech essentially empowers government-backed censors to determine “allowable” content; and
Whereas: Efforts to require “verification” or “authentication” of social media users’ identities would further erode an individuals’ privacy on the Internet and expose them to abuses by the spy state;
Therefore: The American people will not stand for increased censorship and government intervention on the Internet. Those who would seek to further destroy online privacy and anonymity are no better than the leaders of authoritarian governments overseas who crackdown on Internet Freedom.
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