Coronacrisis Survey 04.20

Coronacrisis Survey

  • Authoritarian politicians and bureaucrats will take advantage of any opportunity to censor those like you and me who stand in the way of their statist schemes.

    In the past, everyone from gun owners, pro-lifers, to tea partiers, and even C4L members were deemed “domestic extremists” by their political opponents. Now, local governments are cracking down on gatherings deemed “non-essential,” and the Justice Department is seeking authority to indefinitely detain American citizens without trial.
  • The anti-gun statists’ pals in the national media immediately pounced on the coronavirus panic, peddling headlines like, “If government can curb our rights to fight a virus, then why not to fight gun violence?” to advance gun control. Meanwhile, local-level politicians attempt to shut down gun stores.
  • While many American's are making their own decisions to limit social interactions, government restrictions (made by decree) of public gatherings deemed "non-essential" have spread across the country.

    Now, authorities are ratcheting up enforcement -- conducting warrantless "compliance checks," issuing fines, and even threatening imprisonment of citizens in private businesses, religious organizations, and anywhere else authorities arbitrarily deem too many people are congregated.
  • For decades, Big Government socialists and the global financial elites spoon-fed Americans propaganda about Keynesian “solutions” for every crisis -- massive stimulus spending and the Fed printing money out of thin air they use to funnel TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to politically well-connected cronies and Wall Street fat-cats in secret.

    These “solutions” put the unstable foundation under the American economy in the first place, but now they claim they’ll “fix” the economic fissures the coronacrisis exposed.
  • Mass surveillance is the ultimate tool for authoritarians to seize unbridled power over society and impose their will. So Americans are right to fear that once the "experts" in Washington, D.C. know how we live, they’ll start trying to "fix" us by telling us what we can and can't own, read, watch, think, listen to, and teach our kids and grandkids.

    Statists massively expanded government snooping powers to spy on the personal, private communications of law-abiding Americans in the wake of September 11, 2001. Now, the government wants authority to track the location of every Americans’ cell phone under the guise of protecting us from the coronavirus.
  • Almost Done!

    Thanks for sticking with and completing your Coronacrisis Survey. Your Campaign for Liberty is committed to standing strong in all these fights, but not giving an inch is expensive. We’re really stretching our budget right now with everything we have on our plates and November bearing down like a freight train.