• QUESTION #1: Do you OPPOSE pumping TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars into bailing out irresponsible state and local governments -- into places like California and Illinois that view taxpayers’ pockets as slush funds for special interests like union bosses?
  • QUESTION #2: Governments at every level are already banking on Congress to fully rubber stamp H.R. 6666-style contact tracing in the next coronavirus spending “deal.” Do you OPPOSE your tax dollars funding this Orwellian nightmare?
  • QUESTION #3: Do you OPPOSE Congress giving the Federal Reserve more power to print helicopter money out of thin air for social welfare boondoggles and more CORONA-Y-ISM bailouts for their financial elite pals?
  • QUESTION #4: Do you AGREE Speaker Pelosi’s $3.6 BILLION allocation for election “contingency planning” in her $3 TRILLION spending monstrosity is a recipe for rampant “ballot harvesting” and Vote-by-Mail fraud?
  • QUESTION #5: Do you AGREE statists and profiteers have run roughshod over society for long enough?
  • Almost Done!

    Thanks for sticking with and completing my CORONA-Y-ISM Survey.

    Your Campaign for Liberty is committed to standing strong in the fight against CORONA-Y-ISM Bailout Spending, but not giving an inch is expensive.

    We’re really stretching our budget right now with everything we have on our plates and November bearing down like a freight train.