Campaign for Liberty 2022 Supporter Survey


The fight to defend and restore liberty is everywhere, but there’s only so much one organization can do.

Complete our survey to tell Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty what you think are the most compelling efforts to take on.

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AUDIT THE FED: Finally expose the secretive, out-of-control Federal Reserve System.

STOP BIG GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP: Put an end to Big Government attempts to gag the Liberty Movement.

DEFEND HEALTH FREEDOM: Defeat legislation to create a national vaccine passport, mask mandate, or federal database of vaccine resisters.

STOP STATIST ASSAULTS: Hold off statist assaults like National Gun Registration, “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, expanding government spying powers.

DEFEND FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS: Stop legislation to nationalize elections and remove states’ safeguards against election fraud.

STOP THE GREEN NEW DEAL: Prevent the resurrection of Biden’s “Build Back Bust” scheme, Green New Deal, and other colossal spending and regulation deals.

PROTECT CHILDREN: Support legislation to establish that parents are the ultimate stakeholders in children’s education and medical decisions and defeat any attempt to nationalize a curriculum like “Common Core” or Critical Race Theory.