NO to Covid “Emergency” Lockdowns and Mandates

In the face of all the evidence proving that the government’s response to the outbreak of Covid didn’t work and was based on lies, Joe Biden’s administration wants to do it all over again.

All the pain and suffering caused by the regime’s vaccines mandates, lockdowns, and more – they want to do it again.

Congress cannot allow the Biden regime to unilaterally impose this tyranny on America yet again.


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Petition to my U.S. Representative and Senators

Whereas: The evidence that has emerged since the outbreak of Covid proved that the Biden administration never “followed the science,” but was acting in its own political self-interest; and

Whereas: Lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and mask mandates did nothing to stop the spread of Covid; and

Whereas: The pain and suffering caused to every American by these reckless policies was unconscionable; and

Whereas: Congress has an obligation to restore the constitutional order and PROHIBIT the White House from having sole authority to radically infringe on the civil liberties of Americans, especially to impose policies that have already been proven to have been disastrous;

Therefore: I demand you stand up for American sovereignty and the natural rights of American citizens and PROHIBIT the Biden administration from imposing any new so-called “emergency” orders, whether on vaccines, masks, or lockdowns.