I Agree! It’s critical Congress take action NOW to prevent the fast-moving medical tyranny of “vaccine passports.”

Airlines, sports teams, and several states are experimenting with vaccine passport smartphone apps to participate in society, which means time is running out!

It likely won’t be long before the federal government moves to create a federal vaccine passport mandate, so you and I must demand action NOW.

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Petition to my U.S. Senators and Representative

Whereas: Vaccine passport schemes in certain locations and for specific uses like for international travel have already been put into use, threatening our personal liberty; and
Whereas: Many states have already banned vaccine passports due to pressure from grassroots health freedom and constitutional activists, while other states are implementing them; and
Whereas: Congress will likely move to mandate a uniform, federal passport or incentivize their use by using the power of the purse strings; and
Whereas: Once a widespread vaccine passport scheme is rolled out from state to state, it will be nearly impossible to break free and restore medical freedom.
Therefore: I DEMAND you pass a law banning any and all federal vaccine passport schemes, including uniform federal vaccine passports and incentives to states to create a passport under federally approved guidelines.