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The FDA PROMISED transparency in disclosing the experimental COVID jab documents to the public. But now they’re saying the documents won’t be released fully until 55 YEARS from now, in 2076!

Petition to my U.S. Representative and Senators: It’s time to call them on their cozy relationship with the vaccine makers and DEMAND an audit of the FDA!


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Petition to my U.S. Representative and Senators

Whereas: Americans are being forced to simply take the FDA and Big Pharma’s word on the safety of the experimental COVID jabs with no transparency; and
Whereas: The vaccine makers have full immunity from liability if something goes wrong, including serious adverse reactions, like permanent disability and death; and
Whereas: It appears as if the so-called “regulators” at the FDA have been captured by the mega-billion-dollar industry they are supposed to be regulating; and
Whereas: Employers everywhere are now mandating the jab in order to maintain employment, which is a form of mass coercion.
Therefore: I demand you:
>> Call for a full audit of the FDA to bring transparency back to the practice of medicine in this country.